Porsche IMS Service SPECIAL:

Calling all PORSCHE owners.... If you are driving a 986,987 (Boxster) or 996, 997 (911 Carrera) you are at risk

 of blowing your motor!

Porsche has acknowledged the intermediate shaft bearing design flaw and common failure that causes

catastrophic damage and engine loss on these model vehicles if the IMS service and replacement is not done (click here).

We are specialized in IMS replacement, our replacement methodology and quality workmanship will keep you on

the road with piece of mind at the least possible cost (click here).

A rebuild of your engine will cost a no less than $6-$18k and put you out of commission for months.

We know as we also rebuild engines for those that take the unnecessary risk and suffer the consequences.

Don't risk it.... You may even be entitled to get rembursed for the service from Porsche....

        We are running Service Special's !


    Details on the class action and cars the qualify for re-embursment from Porsche




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